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Opening Message



Sparks Flew (?)

We’re Agnes and Rishi, formally the founders of SAW.

We have no idea who asked you to read this.

But they should be given a handsome reward.

Or a full-body massage.

We love massages.

Anyway, if you are on this website, chances are you are hungry to make improvements to your website, your business, or your life.

And not because you want to hear our life story.

So here’s the short version:

Rishi has been in the I.T. business for many years.

With no more than $50, he hustled and knocked on office doors to get his first few clients.

With his grit and optimism, he earned the trust of his clients and became “the guy” when it came to I.T.

Fast-forward, he has forged strong relationships with multiple loyal clients from Singapore, China, India, and Malaysia, and is looking forward to more.

Agnes is a certified UI/UX designer specialising in the Food & Beverage scene thanks to her love for food and culture.

Using strategic design thinking and software including Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Affinity Designer, Figma, and Webflow, her passion lies in helping others through design.

Her design experience includes websites, software, mobile apps, online and offline collateral, HTML emails, mock-ups, logos and brand identity.


Rishi and Agnes met in 2019 and sparks flew.

*clears throat*

But not in a romantic way.

We were working together on multiple projects for a year and we realised how great we complemented each other.

We were making up for each other’s shortcomings and watching each other’s backs.

So, we decided to merge both our businesses together.

And in 2021, SAW Incorporation Pte Ltd was born.

Rishi is the guy you go to for your coding, integration, hardware, and business needs.

Agnes is your gal for design, digital marketing, strategy, branding, and copywriting.

Alright, enough about us.

Now, it's time for us to get to know you.