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Job Portal startup received 50,000 job applications in just 6 months

Talent Trace's transformation into a dominant online recruitment platform.

increase in average unique monthly site visitors
total conversions over first 6 months
annual revenue milestone hit in year one


In the competitive world of recruitment, Talent Trace emerged with a bold vision: to revolutionize the industry through a unique digital experience. With a keen eye for innovation, Talent Trace partnered with SAW to create a platform that would stand out for its user experience and efficiency.


Talent Trace sought a team that could bring their ambitious vision to life, yet found themselves at a crossroads with developers who lacked insight into their industry-specific needs.

As a new player in a competitive market, Talent Trace needed a website that could captivate candidates and ensure maximum engagement and application submissions.

“For my recruitment startup, I envisioned creating the most advanced, visually appealing website possible. Despite numerous discussions with other developers who couldn't meet my extensive list of requirements, my hopes were finally realized when SAW accepted the challenge. The result was unparalleled—a website that not only set a new standard for the market but also significantly elevated our brand's image.”

— Pravin Nyanes, Managing Director, Talent Trace

The Solution

Our encounter with Talent Trace was a meeting of minds. We understood their vision and the need for a website that was not just user-friendly but a beacon in the recruitment landscape.

SAW developed a visually appealing, user-friendly website that simplified the job application process. We focused on intuitive navigation and interactive elements to keep candidates engaged and increase application submissions.

“SAW's prior experience in developing recruitment websites for the shipping and marine industry meant they were perfectly aligned with our needs and expectations. The team's relentless effort and commitment to excellence transformed my dream project into reality. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome.”

— Pravin Nyanes, Managing Director, Talent Trace


Within only 6 months of launch, Talent became a magnet for job seekers. This surge elevated their brand and translated into tangible business growth, from a team of three to ten by the end of 2022.

  • +4,860 increase in average unique monthly site visitors

  • 50,000+ total conversions over six months

  • 6-figure annual revenue milestone hit in year one

4,000+ unique monthly site visitors in 2023

Talent Trace site traffic

300+ conversions monthly

Talent Trace conversions

LinkedIn page grew to 2,000+ followers

Talent Trace Linkedin Corporate page

The website overhaul not only improved conversions but also elevated Talent Trace’s brand image, making it a go-to platform in the recruitment industry.


Pravin Nyanes from Talent Trace
Pravin Nyanes
Managing Director
Talent Trace

SAW has produced work that aligns with the high standards I have for Talent Trace. They understood the brand and proved their expertise in conversions. I highly recommend you to work with SAW.

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