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Profile picture of Suraj Naik, Director, TechFlex Solutions
Suraj Naik

Founder, TechFlex

Initially, I was uncertain about undertaking such a significant revamp. It was crucial to find a partner who could understand and actualize my vision. SAW not only aligned with our vision but also introduced new perspectives that have distinctly positioned Techflex in the market. This collaboration has truly differentiated us, thanks to their innovative design and strategic execution.
Darius Lim

Data Engineer

This is my first time taking the leap to work with an agency and SAW did not disappoint. To stand out in the crowded market, I wanted to go all in a create a portfolio site that not only reflects my personality, but that would also impress industry leaders and managers. I got an offer within 2 weeks. Crazy! Can't recommend SAW enough!
Lim Kuan Yiou from Old Street
Lim Kuan Yiou

Owner, Old Street

Working with SAW has been an absolute pleasure. We were impressed with their efficiency, communication and professional approach to our timelines. SAW is now our partner for fuss-free high-quality work. I highly recommend working with SAW.
Hilary Cluett from UX Vocab Club
Hilary Cluett

UX Vocab Club

SAW crafted a fresh brand identity for UX Vocab Club. It's not only a beautiful design, it's the exact representation of my brand. I actually cried tears of joy when I first saw it! Plus, the club grew 30% after the new branding. Thank you guys so much!
Ryan Kumar from Direct Search Global
Ryan Kumar

Direct Search Global

SAW has been a delight to work with. They took the time to understand what our vision is, and how visitors can have the best experience. Not only have conversions increased, but site traffic has also increased since people are sharing our site more. Great people to work with.
Sudhanshu Chourey

Lead Engineer,
Urban Singapore

As an Engineer, I am very impressed with SAW because they actually considered the development side of things. The designs that they created for us were clean and easy to deploy from a development perspective. Easily the best design agency I've encountered in my decade-long career. I highly recommend SAW.

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