New Restaurant Had 10.4x ROI in 1 year

How a strategic digital makeover propelled The Jungle Boy from overlooked to overbooked.

engaged website traffic sessions over one year
reservations booked from the website over one year
direct branding and website ROI over one year


The Jungle Boy, an innovative restaurant concept by the Old Street group, stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and atmosphere. Known for its exquisite dining experience, this restaurant caters to millennials and companies looking for a versatile event space with its inviting atmosphere and multi-level dining areas featuring karaoke and amenities.


The Jungle Boy faced a digital identity crisis with an incomplete, template-based website that poorly reflected the restaurant's quality and ambiance. Despite its homely interior and superior cuisine—courtesy of a Master Chef finalist owner—the online presence suggested a low-end bar, misaligning with the actual dining experience.

This misrepresentation was compounded by ineffective Google ads, resulting in zero conversions and wasted expenditure.

Previous branding and logo, as seen on a menu design.

Previous branding and logo, as seen on a menu design.

“The restaurant industry is a killer. We open and close restaurants all the time. We do not doubt that there is a demand for the type of food & drinks we serve at The Jungle Boy. We just needed a way to reach the customers, otherwise The Jungle Boy wouldn't last even 6 months.”

— Lim Kuan Yiou, 2nd Gen Owner, Old Street Group

The Solution

SAW initiated a comprehensive rebrand to synchronize the digital presence with the restaurant's actual appeal. This involved in-depth brand strategy, incorporating insights from the owner, staff, and local observations to realign with target customer preferences.

Next, we developed a cohesive brand identity, seamlessly integrated across digital and physical touchpoints, enhancing the restaurant's narrative with designs inspired by fire and nature.

Also, we crafted a website that resonates with the brand's ethos, featuring high-quality imagery, streamlined information, and optimized navigation, including strategically placed "Book a Table" buttons and customized visitor experiences based on traffic sources.

“The positive feedback has been overwhelming. With another venture in the pipeline, I'm keen to replicate this success and look forward to SAW's involvement.”

— Lim Kuan Yiou, 2nd Gen Owner, Old Street Group


The new designs took The Jungle Boy on an upward trajectory, leading to an increase in traffic, reservations, and revenue.

  • Engagement and Traffic: The rebranded website attracted 5,883 engaged sessions within a year, primarily driven by a 76% increase from organic search, evidencing the impact of our SEO and content strategies.

  • Conversion Excellence: With 769 clicks on the reservation buttons, we estimated 570 successful bookings, significantly boosting revenue by ~$57,000—a 10.4X return on investment.

  • Event Booking Uptick: Captured 14 potential event bookings, adding another dimension to the restaurant's revenue streams.

  • Organic and Influencer Marketing Wins: A significant booking from a marketing agency, amplified by influencer shares, showcased the restaurant's enhanced market position and appeal.

Uptick in Website Traffic

Website traffic of The Jungle Boy

A Total of 769 "Book a Table" Button Clicks

Website conversions based on button 1 clicksWebsite conversions based on button 2 clicksWebsite conversions based on button 3 clicks

Organic/Influencer Marketing


Lim Kuan Yiou from Old Street
Lim Kuan Yiou
2nd Gen Owner
Old Street Group

The transformation by SAW was nothing short of remarkable. The thoughtfulness and speed they brought to the design process were impressive, leading to a design that perfectly captures our essence. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and their work has not only elevated our brand but also significantly boosted our business. With another restaurant on the horizon, I'm eagerly looking forward to partnering with SAW again.

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