Website revamp resulted in 3X distributor enquiries & 7-figure deals

BLT Boron's journey from a complex, underperforming website to a conversion powerhouse.

increase in unique site visitors over one year
increase in total conversions over one year
annual revenue milestone hit over one year


As a leading subsidiary of Advanced Technology USA, BLT Boron specializes in lubrication technology. Established in 2016 and headquartered in Singapore, they cater to a diverse international market, relying heavily on their digital presence to acquire and connect with distributors worldwide.


BLT Boron’s website was technically dense and difficult to navigate, leading to poor user engagement and low conversion rates. With a crucial roadshow in Mongolia looming, a lacklustre website could mean missed opportunities worth millions.

They needed a partner who could not only understand their complex products but also translate them into an engaging digital experience. That's where SAW stepped in.

“When we decided to build the BLT website, finding a developer who could bring our vision to life — a content-rich and complex site that remains fluid — was a significant challenge. Many developers lacked industry-specific knowledge, but SAW stood out with a deep understanding of lubrication technology. This expertise made communication effortless, enabling them to grasp exactly what we envisioned.”

— Sashi V Maala, CEO, BLT Boron

The Solution

SAW reimagined BLT Boron’s website with a focus on clarity, user engagement, and conversion optimization. We streamlined the content, introduced an intuitive navigation system, and highlighted product benefits. A responsive, mobile-friendly design ensured accessibility across devices.

We focused on user experience, ensuring that the site was intuitive and showcased BLT Boron's products in an accessible yet sophisticated manner. Critical information like product features, test results, and downloadable PDFs were strategically placed for maximum impact.

“SAW exceeded our expectations, creating a state-of-the-art website that not only wowed our principal partners in the USA but also broadened our international reach across Asia and Europe. We couldn't be more satisfied with their work, which combines high-end quality with smooth execution. SAW comes highly recommended for anyone looking to create a unique and impactful digital presence. Their work is truly top-notch.”

— Sashi V Maala, CEO, BLT Boron


BLT Boron's website became a pivotal tool during their Mongolian roadshow, impressing and engaging potential distributors.

  • +59,900 increase in unique site visitors over one year

  • 1,180% increase in total conversions over one year

  • 7-figure annual revenue milestone hit over one year

5,000+ monthly unique visitors

BLT Boron monthly site traffic

800+ conversions in direct distributor enquiries

BLT Boron enquiry form submissions

New distributors from Mongolia, Norway, Australia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore were onboarded, all attributed to the website's reach and appeal. The impact was measurable and profound - leading BLT Boron to become the exclusive worldwide partner for Motor Silk and Lubrisilk divisions of Advanced Lubrication Technology Inc (USA).

In addition to the marked improvement in site traffic and conversions, BLT Boron experienced enhanced brand recognition and distributor engagement globally, positioning them as a leader in their industry.


Sashi Maala from BLT Boron
Sashi V. Maala
Chief Executive Officer
BLT Boron

SAW understood that our websites cannot and should not be structured the same as other businesses out there due to our technical nature. A huge credit must be given to SAW for our new distributors onboarded. Thank you for the amazing results.

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